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“The passion for Sandra’s practice is grounded in the enjoyment of sharing with her students how it improves health in all aspects of life.”
“Sandra is very patient and I must say I admire her ability to teach without judgement, one of my lessons for this life.”
“I like the fact that Sandra keeps the class small and that she is able to coach us individually when needed.”
"When I first started learning Tai Chi as a beginner in Sandra's classes, I thought that she was kind, helpful and very knowledgeable. Now that I have progressed a little further along with her as a teacher - I am sure of it!"
“Sandra’s classes were precise and well planned, but also allowed for some reflection and as others had many of my questions too, I knew it was the right speed, with learning time and discussion time.”
“I can imagine myself gladly doing this for the rest of my life!”
“I quickly learned that Sandra’s structured but warm classes with detailed explanations as she went through the routine were a match for me to learn.”

Ba Duan Jin Study


This very powerful Qi Gong Form was my first love. It is a very direct, intentional movement of energy for protection and defense doing away with energies that do not belong to us so that we can bring those that do, into better harmony and balance. The study of this form is designed for a series of private Ba Duan Jin classes. 

Online & In-Person

"There is something special in doing Tai Chi with a group of people in person. However, after taking online lessons with Sandra, I must say there is something special in these lessons too. Of course, the sound and image quality are perfect, and there is not a single glitch, but what I really mean by this special inner experience is my heightened body awareness and focus. Thanks to Sandra’s gentle guidance I am now sensing and feeling more instead of trying to get the technique right. No screen, no online platform can stop Sandra’s love of Tai Chi from coming through."
Qi Tai Chi Nelson
Andrea, Hungary
Teacher, aged 42
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