Current Classes


Classes are scheduled to start next week, from September 22nd or 23rd.


Our classes accommodate adults of all ages and fitness levels, providing individual attention and guidance as needed.

Classes are in-person with social distancing at Lakeside park and conducted online using the Zoom platform.

Registration in advance is required by phone or email.

Class Schedule

(Class Description Below)

Introduction to Tai Chi for Beginners

This class introduces the fundamental principles of Tai Chi and their applications to everyday life through breath and proper posture for improved relaxation, balance and grounding with an emphasis on a few core movements from the Tai Chi Long Form Yang Style.

The Tai Chi Middleground

This class is ideal for students with some Tai Chi experience and those returning to their practice after some time.  The emphasis is expanding and building the knowledge base in sequences of movements in the Tai Chi Long Form.  An evolution emerges bringing awareness to how the fundamental principles of the art translate into everyday emotional and mental well-being.

Deepening the practice of Advanced Tai Chi

The fine-tuning of personal practice through the cultivation of deeper grounding and detailed attention to body alignment brings a greater philosophical understanding of generating both external and internal power, strength, balance and relaxation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Free Qi Gong Gatherings for Everyone

Qi Gong tapping is like an acupuncture treatment without the needles!  I guide everyone who joins us through a basic tapping sequence and in half an hour, you will have given yourself a gentle massage.  It is simple, easy, non-strenuous and can be done from standing or sitting.  Half an hour…that’s it.

Boost your spirits, your energy and your immune system, all in 30 minutes!  If you or anyone you know could use some nourishing in any of these ways, come join us online on Mondays and Thursdays or pass on the word.

We reconvene on Sept 21st.

Free Open Practice Sessions at Lakeside Park

This is an invitation to all Past and Present Qi Tai Chi Students to join us for about an hour to move through Wu Chi, Standing Meditation, warming up with the Four Foundation Movements and flowing through the 108 Long Form Yang Style.  ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE ARE WELCOME!
No matter what stage of learning you are at with your Tai Chi, or maybe you are interested in revisiting your personal practice, you will be led through an hour of fun and energy flow.  Or come and watch movement through the entire form and join in for what you are comfortable with.

WHEN:  Saturdays at 9:30 am
WHERE:  Lakeside Park, Nelson – rain or shine
IN SHINE MEET AT:  Circular Labyrinth near tennis courts
IN RAIN MEET AT:  Shelter with picnic tables near tennis courts

Private Lessons

Available on request.