An Introduction to Tai Chi for Health I


A 6-Week Introduction to Bringing Balance to

Everyday Life with Sandra


"Sandra's "Tai Chi for Beginners" was a new and intense experience for me.  I found being able to repeatably access the week's class a great benefit. She demonstrates each new movement from different perspectives and guides us through several repetitions.  Questions are always welcome.

As a violinist and teacher I know that proper physical and mental alignment, free of tension, is vital.  I appreciate hearing Sandra repeat phrases like "feel the support of the ground beneath your feet" and "feel the knees, soft in their unlocking."  Learning to direct my breath to areas of tension has been amazing.

Whether it is kindergarten, a musical instrument or Tai Chi, it is important to find your best teacher at the very beginning.  I'm grateful that Sandra was, and is, there for me."

Camilla Wilson Scott, Canby, Oregon
Professional Violinist/Teacher

A Special Invitation to
Better Health this Spring

Thank you for considering this introductory set of classes for Tai Chi for Health I. 

For hundreds of years, Tai Chi has nourished:

          – Better general overall health

          – The relief of stress and tension

          – Stronger muscles and bones

          – Proper posture and body alignment

          – Improved grounding

          – Deeper relaxation

There is no denying that we are experiencing a unique time – most of us are spending more time at home and we are more sedate than usual or sitting for longer periods of time throughout our day.

Stress and tension may be on the rise and our bodies may be talking to us through aches and pains.

Tai Chi can be a new way for you to better health.

Just 10 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week is all you need to get yourself started.

A Personal Practice in Tai Chi :

          – Brings balance to everyday life

          – Clears the mind

          – Gradually relieves stress and tension

          – Strengthens muscles and bones

          – Nurtures mind-body-spirit harmony

          – And so much more…

I would like to invite you to join me for this 6-Week Session of Tai Chi for Health I, where we will move and breathe together for a healthier you.

You have the capability to relieve stress and tension and relax your own mind and body.

All the details are on this page.

I look forward to moving and breathing with you should you decide to join us!

Thank you for your interest in Tai Chi,


P.S.  All the classes will be LIVE with weekly video recordings that are available to watch at your convenience until the following week’s class.


"Learning Tai Chi with Sandra over Zoom has been an amazing experience for me this winter. Sandra uses technology expertly to convey all aspects of the practice and there is always a chance to ask questions at regular opportunities. I’ve always felt that there is exactly the right amount of a new concept given to learn between lessons. Plus, the video replays have allowed me to reference my learning to check whether I’ve learned the new material. Quite simply, online Tai Chi is fabulous!"

Lesley, Age 49, Calgary AB

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a gentle form of postures and movements from the Traditional Chinese Arts that promotes proper body alignment for improved grounding, strengthening, relaxing and mind-body-soul harmony.

Tai Chi Classes with Sandra and Qi Tai Chi are inspired or based on the 108 Long Form Yang Style.

Who is Tai Chi for Health I for?

This set of classes is for anybody looking for a new way to better health.


These classes are intended for:

          – Those who want to learn some basic tools to relieve stress and relax more

          – Those who want to maintain health by strengthening muscles and bones

          – Those looking for a relaxing, meditative way to improve their day

          – Those interested in a regular, healthy, meditative practice to do at least 10 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week

          – Those who will rise to the challenge to develop further patience and to train to be comfortable with being 


          – Anyone returning to their Tai Chi after a prolonged time


These classes are NOT intended for:

          – Those who will not use any of the basic Tai Chi tools (ie. breathing) to relax more through their day

          – Those who are not willing to commit to their Tai Chi at least 10 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week

          – Those who don’t like to be challenged, especially in the area of patience

          – Anyone who is not willing to maintain a regular practice at their own pace

          – Those who have no interest in learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable


"When I first started learning Tai Chi as a beginner in Sandra's classes, I thought that she was kind, helpful and very knowledgeable. Now that I have progressed a little further along with her as a teacher - I am sure of it!"

D. Ray, Nelson, BC
Antiquarian Bookseller

What’s Inside the Tai Chi for Health I Curriculum?

Here’s what we will move through in our 6 classes together:

Class 1:  In this training you will learn:

  • The Chest & Neck and Shoulder Breath
  • A brief introduction to the Wu Chi, your Standing Meditation
  • Heaven and Earth, the 1st of 4 Foundation Movements that we use to warm up
  • 3 opening postures of the 108 Long Form, Opening Tai Chi, Lifting at Right, Ward Off at Left

Class 2:  In this training you will move through and learn:

  • A review of the breaths, Wu Chi (going a little bit deeper as suitable to the group) and Heaven and Earth
  • Mountain and River, the 2nd of 4 Foundation Movements that we use to warm up
  • Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail from the Long Form

Class 3:  In this training you will move through and learn:

  • A review of everything covered in Classes 1 & 2
  • Going a bit deeper into the Wu Chi, the Standing Meditation
  • Sandra’s 3 favourite things about Tai Chi
  • Why proper posture and body alignment are so important to our health
  • Pluck the Flowers, the 3rd Foundation Movement we use to warm up
  • Brush Knee Twist Left and Right selected from the Long Form

Class 4:  In this training you will move through and learn:

  • Rock the Khunlun, the last of the Foundation Movements
  • Going deeper still with the Wu Chi, the Standing Meditation
  • A review of what we moved through Classes 1 – 3
  • Wild Horse Spreads Its Mane selected from the Long Form

Class 5:  In this training you will move through and learn:

  • The components of energy meridian flow for the Closing of Pluck the Flowers
  • Sway the P’i P’a selected from the Long Form
  • Fine tuning components in the Wu Chi, the Standing Meditation
  • A review of all we moved through Classes 1 – 4, including all 4 Foundation Movements

Class 6:  In this training you will move through and learn:

  • A review of everything from Classes 1 – 5, including all 4 Foundation Movements
  • Parry and Punch selected from the Long Form
  • A flow through of all the postures selected to comprise a ‘mini’ form
  • Reasons to continue your Tai Chi journey with Tai Chi for Health II

Tai Chi for Health I Schedule

Join Sandra for LIVE online classes on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. PT or Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. PT (choose one time slot) starting next week from April 14th through to May 19th.

ALL classes will be recorded and are available for viewing at your own convenience for one week until the following class.

April 13th/14th through to May 18th/19th

Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. PT

Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. PT

SESSION FEE: $108.00 (incl. tax)

Attend LIVE or move with the weekly video replays at your convenience before the next class.


"I started Tai Chi with Sandra years ago to deal with chronic back pain. She is an incredible teacher in helping her students discover and then deepen their physical, mental, and emotional awareness and well-being. I appreciate her ability to teach in a group setting while recognizing every individual's unique needs. Thanks to Sandra's patient guidance, deep insight, and enthusiasm to share her knowledge, Tai Chi is now an instrumental part of my lifestyle. I don't know what I would do without it. I still attend weekly sessions with her, and I look forward to every class!"

Tara Cunningham, Nelson, BC
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