What students say..

When I first started learning Tai Chi as a beginner in Sandra's classes, I thought that she was kind, helpful and very knowledgeable. Now that I have progressed a little further along with her as a teacher - I am sure of it!

D. Ray
Nelson, British Columbia
Antiquarian Bookseller
I am an 83 year old retired nurse who has taken classes from Sandra both in person and on zoom. She is passionate about her work. She is highly educated in her art and is able to communicate effectively about what each particular move does in the body. She has helped me realize how my body responds to different stimuli and I especially love the influence of Chinese medicine. Sandra is extremely caring about each one of her participants and always calls each one by name (online).

Milwaukie, Oregon
Retired RN
I find the Qi Gong classes are special for me for several reasons.
One reason is that I used to get acupuncture from a lovely lady, but we moved a hundred miles away from that town, so I no longer go to her.  The Qi Gong also helps the body in many similar ways.
Another reason is because I take a walk every day, but it doesn't relax my body in the same way that this does.  After Qigong I am always at peace.   And the best reason of all is that Sandra is such a fabulous teacher.  She is so patient, knowledgeable and helpful, and will always answer any questions that we have.

Milwaukie, Oregon

Qi Gong is relatively easy for me, who is not good at exercise.
I feel good and light after finishing.
Sandra's words are easy to understand and thanks to zoom, I enjoy participating very much .

Tokyo, Japan

After 10 years away from practicing Tai Chi with Sandra I was contacted by her as she began conducting her classes on Zoom. I remembered how much I enjoyed her class so enrolled in the beginner series of classes. Sandra is an excellent teacher – very knowledgeable, patient, organized and does everything she can to enable us to learn the various moves. She has us repeat the moves until we are comfortable and always gives an opportunity to ask questions.
I enjoy Tai Chi for its many benefits – breath work to facilitate relaxation, movements that foster an increase of Chi (life force energy), stress relief, improved balance and an overall sense of calmness. Although I do not live close by, I am grateful that Sandra is continuing to offer these classes online.
Calgary, Alberta
Retired RN
A friend of mine talked to me about Sandra's Qi Gong class - and it was free on Zoom - twice a week!  I had never done Qi Gong, but it was something to do with all the time I have to spend at home. I love it! I'm all for keeping the energy in my body awake and moving, and my immune system strong - now more than ever.

Before COVID-19, I had been in a tai chi class at a senior center near me. That option is no longer available to me. When Sandra announced her tai chi classes on Zoom, I had to say "yes!" I took 4 introductory classes and am so eager to learn more. She moves slowly, explains thoroughly, repeats each new form so I can really learn it! I love that I know I'm doing something really good for myself!

Portland, Oregon