What students say..

“When I first started learning Tai Chi as a beginner in Sandra’s classes, I thought that she was kind, helpful and very knowledgeable. Now that I have progressed a little further along with her as a teacher – I am sure of it!”

D. Ray
Nelson, British Columbia
Antiquarian Bookseller
‘I started Tai Chi with Sandra years ago to deal with chronic back pain. She is an incredible teacher in helping her students discover and then deepen their physical, mental, and emotional awareness and well-being. I appreciate her ability to teach in a group setting while recognizing every individual’s unique needs. Thanks to Sandra’s patient guidance, deep insight, and enthusiasm to share her knowledge, Tai Chi is now an instrumental part of my lifestyle. I don’t know what I would do without it. I still attend weekly sessions with her, and I look forward to every class!’

Tara Cunningham
Nelson, British Columbia
“Perfect timing! In May 2020 I joined Sandra Tjoa’s Qi Gong Gathering
via Zoom.  She taught two 30 minute sessions a week from her home in
Nelson, BC.  Sandra’s calm introduction and repetition was easy to
follow.  I found it immediately comforting in a time of great

Sandra’s “Tai Chi for Beginners” was a new and
intense experience for me.  I found being able to repeatably access the
week’s class a great benefit. She would demonstrate each new movement
from different perspectives and guide us through several repetitions. 
Questions were always welcomed.

As a violinist and teacher I know
that proper physical and mental alignment, free of tension, is vital.  I
appreciate hearing Sandra repeat phrases like “feel the support of the
ground beneath your feet”  and “feel the knees, soft in their
unlocking.”  Learning to direct my breath to areas of tension has been

Whether it is kindergarten, a musical instrument or Tai
Chi, it is important to find your best teacher at the very beginning. 
I’m grateful that Sandra was, and is, there for me.”

Camilla Wilson Scott
Canby, Oregon
Professional Violinist/Teacher
“Over the last two years, I have been fortunate to have Sandra as a guide for Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  Both classes were new to me, yet the benefits will last for years.  In Tai Chi I learned to breathe differently, especially aiding relaxation in my shoulders and chest.  My posture has changed by unlocking my knees and practicing grounded alignment.  The cumulative result is I can identify when my body tenses and work on letting go.  What is wonderful for me is I have learned to use this body knowledge in so many ways from driving to relaxing for sleep.

To me Sandra is truly a guide, not an instructor of formalized information or moves.  She is acutely aware of each student during class.  It’s not about the rigid moves or routines; it’s about breathing and being in the moment.  She encourages questions and comments and builds a community in each session.  I always feel she cares about each of us. These past months have been difficult in many ways, and practicing Qi Gong with Sandra has been physically and emotionally reassuring and comforting.”

Judy Kenning 
Milwaukie, Oregon
Retired Teacher
“After 10 years away from practicing Tai Chi with Sandra I was contacted
by her as she began conducting her classes on Zoom. I remembered how
much I enjoyed her class so enrolled in the beginner series of classes.
Sandra is an excellent teacher – very knowledgeable, patient, organized
and does everything she can to enable us to learn the various moves.
She has us repeat the moves until we are comfortable and always gives an
opportunity to ask questions.

I enjoy Tai Chi for its many benefits –
breath work to facilitate relaxation, movements that foster an increase
of Qi (life force energy), stress relief, improved balance and an
overall sense of calmness. Although I do not live close by, I am
grateful that Sandra is continuing to offer these classes online.”

Calgary, Alberta
Retired RN
“I first began to study Tai Chi with Sandra in 2012 and I have continued to learn and develop my tai chi practice based on her instruction over the past eight years.

Sandra has carefully led my classmates and me step by step through foundation movements and the segments and moves of the Yang Style 108 Long Form. Her directions and modelling are very clear and consistent. She is aware of each student’s individual needs and gives personal attention when required. She always takes time to respond to our questions.

Over time, I have gained confidence in my practice and understanding of Tai Chi along with an improved posture, physical flexibility, and valued friendships. Not long after I started Tai Chi with Sandra, my work took me to China. I watched people do Tai Chi in the parks, but I could never have joined them then. Now I feel I could. And I am continuing to learn every time we meet.”

Nelson, British Columbia
Retired College Educator
“I am an 83 year old retired nurse who has taken classes from Sandra both in person and on zoom. She is passionate about her work. She is highly educated in her art and is able to communicate effectively about what each particular move does in the body. She has helped me realize how my body responds to different stimuli and I especially love the influence of Chinese medicine. Sandra is extremely caring about each one of her participants and always calls each one by name (online).”

Milwaukie, Oregon
Retired RN
“I have always wanted to learn Tai Chi so when my apartment complex offered Tai Chi classes I was thrilled. Sandra was the best teacher we could have asked for. She was patient, thoughtful and encouraged questions. I learned so much from her, not just the positions but about my own body. I hold my head to the left, I lock my knees and my toes pronate. Being aware of these conditions have helped me to be more comfortable in my daily activity.

Sandra’s Qi Gong tapping sessions on line, during this Covid-19 pandemic have been such a blessing. I sleep better, I am energized and feel better after just a half hour of relaxing to Sandra’s voice and following the tapping movements. I love the way she gives details about how certain acupuncture spots correlate to emotions and organs in the body. I am
learning to use it throughout my day. Sometimes if I am feeling stressed I just tap on the top of my head or my shoulders or massage my face.
Thank you Sandra for your gracious lessons.”

Kathy Whitlock
Milwaukie, Oregon
“A friend of mine talked to me about Sandra’s Qi Gong class – and it was free on Zoom – twice a week!  I had never done Qi Gong, but it was something to do with all the time I have to spend at home. I love it! I’m all for keeping the energy in my body awake and moving, and my immune system strong – now more than ever.

Before COVID-19, I had been in a tai chi class at a senior center near me. That option is no longer available to me. When Sandra announced her tai chi classes on Zoom, I had to say “yes!” I took 4 introductory classes and am so eager to learn more. She moves slowly, explains thoroughly, repeats each new form so I can really learn it! I love that I know I’m doing something really good for myself!”

Portland, Oregon
“I started taking Tai Chi classes 11 years ago with Sandra. The
classes have been very rewarding for me and my posture has improved
greatly. Acquaintances that I have not seen in awhile say I look
younger. Had my 65th birthday in July.”

Balfour, British Columbia
“Qi Gong is relatively easy for me, who is not good at exercise.
I feel good and light after finishing.
Sandra’s words are easy to understand and thanks to zoom,
I enjoy participating very much.”

Tokyo, Japan
“I am a college professor retired as of 2000.  I have been coming for
winters to Nelson BC from Hamilton On for the last past twenty years to
ski powder at the White Water ski area.   In the last past ten winters I
have come to find a great satisfaction in learning Tai Chi as a student
of Sandra Tjoa.

I believe that following the practice of Tai Chi as she
has taught it  has helped my mental well being and health .  She is a
great instructor and I highly recommend her.”

William Goruk PhD
Hamilton, Ontario
Retired Professor”
Without the ability to go to a class physically in my local environs – I learned of the online Zoom classes and Qi Gong and Sandra Tjoa!!

I quickly learned that Sandra’s structured but warm classes with detailed explanations as she went through the routine were a match for me to learn. Early on I learned the tingling feeling as stress is leaving the body and how much better I felt.  I am an activist and with all that is going on in our country – I had been holding on to way too much. 

I decided to give Tai Chi a chance. Sandra focused on teaching us small chunks that will be building blocks for the future learning. I learned that there are different layers of Tai Chi learning – 1) the physical, 2) the mental and 3) the spiritual. I want you to know that I experienced all 3 in that short 4 week learning session.

The breathing… the chest breath – I utilize regularly to assist me with life. Thank you! By the end of the four weeks, I was sleeping through the night.

Thank you, Sandra, for all that you have taught me.”

Janine Settlemeyer
Milwaukie, Oregon
My name is Lucia and I live in Davis, California (USA).  I
retired five years ago and have enjoyed having free time to try new
things.  When Sandra sent the invitation to her Qi Gong classes I
thought, why not? From the very first session I realized I liked it.
 Sandra explained and showed us every single move as we went through the
30 minute session.  I like Qi Gong because it makes me aware of the
breathing, and I know that I’m tapping on many acupuncture points that
stimulate my immune system.  
Thank you Sandra!”

Lucia Burgos
Davis, California
“As the pandemic was starting and I was isolating myself, I started
doing Qi Gong with Sandra twice a week over Zoom. Unlike most exercise
programs I’ve tried, I rarely missed a session in 5 months because I
enjoyed it so much. Then in June I had knee replacement surgery, and I
have had a quick recovery. I attribute this partly to the boost my
immune system has gotten from the tapping sequences. I can imagine
myself gladly doing this for the rest of my life!”

Kathy Anderson
Milwaukie, Oregon”
“I find the Qi Gong classes are special for me for several reasons.
One reason is that I used to get acupuncture from a lovely lady, but we moved a hundred miles away from that town, so I no longer go to her.  The Qi Gong also helps the body in many similar ways.
Another reason is because I take a walk every day, but it doesn’t relax my body in the same way that this does.  After Qigong I am always at peace.   And the best reason of all is that Sandra is such a fabulous teacher.  She is so patient, knowledgeable and helpful, and will always answer any questions that we have.”

Milwaukie, Oregon