"I like the fact that Sandra keeps the class small and that she is able to coach us individually when needed."






315 High Street, Nelson, BC

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"I first began to study Tai Chi with Sandra in 2012 and I have continued to learn and develop my tai chi practice based on her instruction over the past eight years. Sandra has carefully led my classmates and me step by step through foundation movements and the segments and moves of the Yang Style 108 Long Form. Her directions and modelling are very clear and consistent. She is aware of each student’s individual needs and gives personal attention when required. She always takes time to respond to our questions. Over time, I have gained confidence in my practice and understanding of Tai Chi along with an improved posture, physical flexibility, and valued friendships. Not long after I started Tai Chi with Sandra, my work took me to China. I watched people do Tai Chi in the parks, but I could never have joined them then. Now I feel I could. And I am continuing to learn every time we meet."
John, Nelson, British Columbia
Retired College Educator
"A friend of mine talked to me about Sandra's Qi Gong class - and it was free on Zoom - twice a week!  I had never done Qi Gong, but it was something to do with all the time I have to spend at home. I love it! I'm all for keeping the energy in my body awake and moving, and my immune system strong - now more than ever. Before COVID-19, I had been in a tai chi class at a senior center near me. That option is no longer available to me. When Sandra announced her tai chi classes on Zoom, I had to say "yes!" I took 4 introductory classes and am so eager to learn more. She moves slowly, explains thoroughly, repeats each new form so I can really learn it! I love that I know I'm doing something really good for myself!"
Caralynn, Portland, Oregon
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