Discover how the form and essence of the Traditional Chinese Arts establish mind-body-soul harmony, bringing balance to everyday life.

Relax with the healing movements of Tai Chi.  Strengthen your muscles and bones.  Clear your mind.  Gradually relieve stress and tension.

Breathe.  Move.  Relax.

Strength.  Energy.  Balance.

Our classes accommodate adults of all ages and fitness levels, providing individual attention and guidance as needed.

Qi Tai Chi Class instuction
Qi Tai Chi Group Shot
Qi Tai Chi class instruction

All Ages, All
Fitness levels

Individual Attention & Guidance

Group & Private

I started Tai Chi with Sandra years ago to deal with chronic back pain. She is an incredible teacher in helping her students discover and then deepen their physical, mental, and emotional awareness and well-being. I appreciate her ability to teach in a group setting while recognizing every individual's unique needs. Thanks to Sandra's patient guidance, deep insight, and enthusiasm to share her knowledge, Tai Chi is now an instrumental part of my lifestyle.
I don't know what I would do without it. I still attend weekly sessions with her, and I look forward to every class! 
Tara Cunningham, Nelson, BC
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