Bring Balance to Everyday Life

The darkness of one’s healing journey is not news to me.

More than 2 decades ago my life was steeped in years of depression from shame and guilt attached to blaming myself when a toddler drowned at our home. 

Then anger reared its head in my early 40’s. In full force I lashed out at the Universe for all the horrible cards I’d been dealt from the earliest beginnings of this life as I knew it. 

Ten years later, my body crumbled. I had to resort to hours on the couch rolled up in a ball hanging my head upside down. 

During different chapters in time, life has handed me the opportunity to master the healing powers of the inner alchemy of my practices and I took it each time.

My Tai Chi and Qi Gong practices have ushered me from internal torture through an energetic transition to feeling alive and human again expanding into mental clarity and emotional resilience. 

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Strengthen your muscles and bones.

Clear your mind.

Gradually relieve stress and tension.

Discover how the form and essence of the Traditional Chinese Arts establish mind-body-soul harmony, bringing balance to everyday life. Relax with the healing movements of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Our classes accommodate adults of all ages and fitness levels, providing individual attention and guidance as needed.

Regain Your Life!

A small group program or private exclusive opportunity for those ready to lift the limitations of stuck energy so that they can point their health and life in another direction. A "jumpstart" to release deeper blocks supporting the healing of our energetic body manifesting in the physical.


Tai Chi for Health & Harmony

The healing movements of Tai Chi flow through a sequence of positions while gently transferring weight from one foot to the other addressing all directions around the world and the four corners of the Earth. For low-impact strengthening and balance we move with the Long Form Yang Style.


Qi Gong for Health & Well-Being

The skill of moving our Qi, our life-force energy – Qi Gong is an intentional movement of our inner energies through combinations of breath and sound to different parts of the body to clear stuck, stagnant Qi and replace it with fresh and new.


Ba Duan Jin

A powerful and direct Qi Gong form for clearing energies that don't belong to us and  setting healthy energetic boundaries for better clarity, balance and harmony. Vigorous and enlivening.


Private Sessions

Looking to deepen your personal practice or to tailor classes specifically to address a desired intention.