Regain Your Life! Releasing stress energy from trauma is a month-long online program to clear energetic fog and cobwebs in your body so that you can have more clarity in next steps for your growth and development.

With components of scaffolding support this program provides a “jumpstart” for deeper, prolonged stress energy that often remains, even when we have done so much “work” in other ways, to leave the body…it supports healing the energetic body to manifest in healthier physical, mental and emotional bodies.

I guide you every step of the way to unleash your inner healing potential to be your true you, who you are really meant to be.

  • “These lessons are refreshing, uplifting, and energizing.” 

    A. Solomon, NY


  • "An astonishing course with an incredible teacher!"

    D. Rowley, Australia


  • “I am so committed to releasing all the yuck energy…” 

    R. Schulman, NJ