Did you see Top Gun:Maverick ?

I don’t know about anyone else but when I left the theatre from the long-awaited sequel, I was on a high. It had been so long since I’d seen a movie that was such a thrill in the PURE ENTERTAINMENT category.

My absolute favourite scene was when Iceman summoned Maverick in for a little tête-à-tête and for a whole 5 seconds across a pure black screen lingered the words, “It’s time to let go.”

What a beautiful reminder.

Have you ever had something not go as planned?

This Fall, my husband and I were heading down the coast of Portugal and stopped off the beaten track in a breathtaking spot for a picnic-lap lunch braving the Atlantic gales. It wasn’t the most relaxing meal I’ve ever had, doing our best to cling onto our food so it didn’t get swept away.

Since we didn’t have time to take in this stunning, quaint village, we vowed to return for a night or two on our way back to the city. Maybe it won’t be so windy then.

So on our return, we zigzagged through the narrow passages of a sleepy shanty town to find our accommodation that claimed online to be the area we planned on.

My heart sank…this wasn’t the place!

There were too many people. Too many shops. Too many restaurants. AND when I let go… …it ended up being one of my most favourite places that I have ever been.

Where the mouth of a river meets the sea: we soaked up the hot rays of the sun in quiet, still air and just a two-minute stroll around the bend, we played in the billowing ocean waves exploring cool rock formations.

It was D-I-V-I-N-E.

If I’d hung on to the disappointment that we didn’t end up where we originally planned, it could have been the two worst days of our trip (for me anyway!).

It seems counter-intuitive to say that letting go is empowering…brings strength…nurtures balance.

But it does.

In this short video I guide you through an easy movement that develops grounding and strength in a relaxing way. One minute is all you need.

Enjoy YOUR QI HEALTH MINUTE with Sandra: For Relaxation, Strength & Balance

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