Don’t let awareness to your mental health pass you by as May comes to an end

Do you ever feel anxious when you’re: in the office working at your desk and your to-do list starts freaking you out? waiting for the traffic light to change green and you’re running late? stepping out the door to meet friends that you haven’t seen in a while? laying in bed wide awake worrying about all you did or didn’t do? tuning in to all that’s happening in the world today on the radio or tv?

Some places declare a Mental Health Awareness Week in May. Others declare a Mental Health Awareness Month through May.

If I were Queen of the Land, I would declare Everyone to be aware of their mental health everyday throughout their LIFE.




Our mental health is affected by our levels of stress, anxiety and overwhelm over a prolonged period of time and many of us don’t realise how much we carry with us every day.

Many of us also don’t realise how powerful a few breaths can be when we need to relax. One of the best ways to calm anxiety and stress is with our breathing.

So to stop what I call the that teacup of stress from filling up and overflowing, I invite you to join me for this short video.

I guide you through a breathing technique to calm anxiety, stress and overwhelm that you can do anywhere, anytime.

One minute is all you need…your health is worth it!

Enjoy the week’s video: To Calm Anxiety & Stress

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