Tai Chi for Health & Harmony for Beginners Video Set

A 9-Class Program to Balance Your Body for Less Stress, Better Sleep & More Energy

A Special Invitation to a Healthier Mind, Body and Spirit.

Starting your day with a solid restful sleep and feeling alive with energy is possible.

I know because 20 years ago, I would lay awake all night long making up situations and conversations in my head and worrying about a million and one things that were never going to happen.

Because my appetite disappeared my frame was mere skin and bone; I slouched over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. For years I ran on empty.

This time in my life paused a long-time search for a master to study Tai Chi with – a yearning I had since I was a teenager.

I have often heard it said “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  And ready I was!

A Tai Chi master appeared when I responded to a tiny magazine ad and my journey began.

After just two weeks of breathing and moving every single night, I slept like a baby, could feel the strength in the uprightness of my body and started the day fresh and energised. 

During one of the darkest and most challenging times of my life, Tai Chi completely turned my life around.

I had absolutely no intentions of teaching. I just wanted to keep feeling stronger and healthier. But the master insisted that if I didn’t teach, my personal practice would fade. 

Once I had a taste of what health was like again, there was no way I was going to let that go.

And so my career as a Tai Chi & Qi Gong teacher began...

...after dropping the children to school, in a dusty neighbourhood park surrounded by bamboo and purple and white irises abloom.  First with one parent…then two…then three.  Before I knew it I was actually teaching classes in a tiny studio in Kunitachi, Japan.

Why have I taught Tai Chi for more than 20 years?

Because it works.

The way the Qi practices have sustained me through challenges that life throws my way has brought me the wisdom and knowledge to understand how amazing and brilliant they truly are.

In my classes, I share tools derived from the principles of Tai Chi that can be done by anyone, anywhere at anytime. Beside your desk, in line at the grocery store, even while brushing your teeth. No equipment, no mat, no keeping track of time for pills or tablets — just you and the ground beneath your feet.

Over the years I have developed a non-judgemental approach that creates a safe environment that meets each person exactly where they're at. No right and no wrong. Only where you are.

Are you ready to learn some tools that can help clear and rest your mind?

Some easy tips that can help nurture healthy sleep?

Simple breaths and moves that can be done anywhere, anytime?

If so, I would love to have you sign-up for these classes.

In the Spirit of Good Health,


What is Tai Chi?

More and more people are looking for healthier ways of living without going to lots of appointments with different health care practitioners or sticking to a schedule for taking pills and tablets. 

If you are curious about exploring a new way of getting back on track with your health, Tai Chi is for you.

Tai Chi is one of the pillars of health in TCM which is a system based on maintaining a healthy flow and balance of Qi, life-force energy, in the body.

The form nurtures the harmonious flow of Qi, so that all the energies we need to move through our day and rest and sleep properly are in balance.

A Different Approach for Better Health

For hundreds of years the flowing sequence of the gentle healing movements of Tai Chi have helped bring the body’s energies back into harmony.

Overthinking and overworrying depletes the body leaving us low on the energy that we need for balance.

This self-strengthening and self-empowering practice optimises our health in all aspects of our being – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually – through the realisation of the amazing power our bodies have to heal.

When you join us for Tai Chi for Health & Harmony you will learn:

  • How improved grounding opens up the energy flow in your body
  • 7 core adjustments in body and spine alignment for optimal health
  • How to listen to your body and what it could be telling you
  • How to stop your Qi from leaking or wasting away
  • Unique yet simple ways to apply Tai Chi principles to daily living

What You'll Receive

9 one-hour Class Modules to use at your own pace (with options for either 3 month or lifetime downloadable access)

Practice Videos: This series of short videos are of the most benefit after moving through each class to support your personal practice throughout the week.

Plus You’ll Receive These Bonuses

  • Bonus 1:

    Monthly LIVE Online Group Q&A Sessions with Sandra

    During these sessions, all Qi Tai Chi students are invited to bring any questions you  have about a personal health situation or anything in the Tai Chi realm.  A great way to meet other students in your Qi community and learn from all the questions that are asked.

  • Bonus 2:

    A PDF of the list of postures of Segment 1 in the Long Form Yang Style

  • Bonus 3:

    Bonus Class #10: Emphasis on How You Move not What You Move

    Foundation principles essential to grounding and alignment.

Move at your own pace through this 9-Class Video Set with additional practice videos.

Enjoy the support of BONUS monthly LIVE Online Q&A Sessions for all Qi Tai Chi students.

  • Module 1: Meet the Ground Beneath Your Feet

    In Classes 1 & 2 we will explore:

    • 3 essential basics to start to improve grounding and open energy flow in your body
    • Sandra’s 3 favourite things about Tai Chi
    • Why there’s no such thing as right or wrong when learning Tai Chi
  • Module 2: The Importance of Proper Posture to Your Health

    In Classes 3 & 4 we will explore:

    • The #1 principle of the flow of Qi, the life-force energy
    • 7 core adjustments in body and spine alignment for optimal health
    • The true essence and virtue of moving with Tai Chi
  • Module 3: Listening to Your Body and What It Could Be Telling You

    In Classes 5 & 6 we will explore:

    • The secret to feeling energised throughout your day
    • How your body responds to tension and how to let go
    • 5 (or more!) easy ways to bring Tai Chi into your everyday life
  • Module 4: When Tension Goes…Your Qi Flows

    In Classes 7 & 8 we will explore:

    • How to stop your Qi from leaking or wasting away
    • The fun and flow of the 4 Foundation Movements
    • How to recognise when you are evolving with your Tai Chi
  • Module 5: Tai Chi Flow

    In Class 9 we will explore:

    • Flow through all 4 Foundation Movements
    • Flow through entire Segment 1 of the Long Form Yang Style
    • What’s next on your Tai Chi journey
  • BONUS Class #10: Paying Attention to How You Move not What You Move

    Here we explore:

    • Playing with “snailing” Sandra’s version of Tai Chi Walking
    • How aligning with the ground helps us move